Toronto Vintage Swing Dancer of the month

Hi Everyone,

I’m very very excited to announce a new blog series that I’m starting called “Toronto Vintage Swing Dancer of the month”. This monthly post (maybe it will go weekly depending on number of entries) will pick one dancer in Toronto and surrounding cities each month and focus on their “vintage style”.

Criteria is simple:

  • Must be a Lindy hopper (or blues, balboa, solo jazz you get my drift lol!)
  • Toronto/GTA, Niagara area, Hamilton, Kitchener (and other communities in-between those areas)
  • Reproduction, modern that looks vintage and of course authentic Vintage looks are accepted (and feel free to mix and match)
  • Your style must be between 1920-1969
  • Ladies or Gents welcome!

Note: I’m looking for dancers (but not limited too) who dress 24/7 vintage OR someone who has a fav “vintage look” that they have worn out dancing or out to dinner that they would  like to share with the world. Just want to see that style 🙂

If you would like to be featured, please send me an email to:

  • Your name
  • A picture of the outfit/look you would like to feature for the blog (jpg format please)
  • A brief description of your style and the look you’re wearing in the pic
  • How long you have been dancing
  • Where you dance (city) and
  • What’s your fav style of dance (if you have a preference).

Can’t wait to see your pictures!


2 thoughts on “Toronto Vintage Swing Dancer of the month

    • Ahh thanks! I’m sure we will be posted at some point! I’m just waiting for Toronto Lindy Hop to okay my blog post and then it will go live to the community and I’m sure that Dean will be sending in a pic 🙂

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