It’s Easter! Time to do the Bunny Hop!

Ahhhh the Bunny Hop a social dance that originated in the 1952 at Balboa High School in San Francisco. The dance is a variation on a conga line. Participants dance in a line, holding on to the hips of the person in front of them. They tap the floor two times with their right foot, then with their left foot, then they hop forwards, backwards, and finally three hops forward to finish the sequence, which continues throughout the tune. The first person in the line leads the group around the floor (Wikipedia).

Ray Anthony

Photo courtesy of “Shelly’s Vintage Sheet Music

The original song that everyone dances the Bunny Hop to was done by Ray Anthony’s big band recording, heard below.

I think the Bunny Hop is too cute for words and no 1950’s party should be without a hop hop hop around the dance floor with your friends (try a vintage cocktail or two to help if doing this sober is not your thing lol).

Below are some vintage Bunny hop pictures for your viewing enjoyment.

1950's Bunny Hop

Photo courtesy of

This looks like a fun party!

50's bunny hop

Photo courtesy of “

Look how cute everyone looks at this dance, love it 🙂

Dance Teenagers

Photo courtesy of “The Big Story

Check out these handsome men leading the Bunny Hop with pride.

Bunny hop 2


Happy Easter! Now go practice the Bunny Hop 🙂


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