Happy 1st wedding anniversary to me!

April 28th, 2012 I married the man of my dreams in a romantic and fun 1940s/50s swing dancing themed wedding. It was an amazing day filled with lots of amazing memories with friends and family.

Here are some pics from that day

1950's vintage wedding

My husband and I

1950's vintage wedding

At our ceremony at the St. Lawrence Hall in Toronto

wedding cupcakes

My giant wedding cupcake with Shrek and Fiona (my husband nickname was Shrek)

1950's vintage wedding

Not my husband by Galen Weston from the Loblaws family


vintage wedding escort cards

I did these myself, cut out and glued 120 of them. Everyone was different and they came from vintage pattern images I found online


1950's vintage wedding

Inside the St. Lawrence Hall

vintage wedding

The party was awesome!


wedding fun

This was our room when we got back lol! It was all covered in toilet paper 🙂


wedding fun

Happy anniversary to anyone else sharing the same date as well 🙂


5 thoughts on “Happy 1st wedding anniversary to me!

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