Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekender 16-The Friday

Man oh Man I’m seriously turning into the worst blogger ever, this work thing (which I’m grateful to have) is getting in the way of finishing these Viva posts. Sorry!!!

Okay here is my Friday at Viva.

POOL DAY! Normally this is not when I would have gone to the pool, I would have usually been seen on the Sunday when everyone else goes but this year I had a serious conflict this year. A favorite Toronto band “Tennessee Voodoo Coupe” had their set at 1:00pm on the Sunday and it was mandatory that I go and support the band. So my husband and my friends trucked it to the pool on the Friday instead and I was super thankful that Tom Ingram created a pool party for every day (with the AquaSonics playing good surf music I might add) so that I was not missing all the fun that is Sunday at the Pool.

VIVA Las Vegas Pool Party

Me and my girls 🙂 Bathing suit is from My Baby Jo and was a wedding present. Psst..check out the very cool tattooed men behind us. Wow amazing!

(Photos Courtesy of Dean Villafuerte and Michelle Marie)

VIVA las Vegas 16 Pool

My friend Dean who is normally BEHIND the camera is in front of it, looking very dashing I might add.


VIVA Las Vegas 16 Pool

Another friend, Josh and I goofing around for the camera..well I’m goofing around he is mister cool 🙂


VIVA Las Vegas 16 Pool

Busy Pool party


VIVA Las Vegas 16 Pool

I can’t handle the beauty that is this picture….wow!!!! The ladies have style and the guy is pretty cool looking himself.


Aquasonics VIVA 16

AquaSonics keeping the pool party hopping

We stayed at the pool for about 3 hours and by the time we had left, I was feeling no pain and I really don’t know how it happened…oh right buckets of beer and my husband going MIA. Hey someone had to drink them!

Off I went for a nap time till it became night time…opps hehehe 🙂

Friday Night

After my nap, I changed into my outfit for the night (reproduction sailor pants, saddle shoes and a cute 1940’s like top from Target) and headed to the Ballroom for another night of amazing music. I saw the “Phat Cat Swingers” who I loved and the band was the kind of music that was perfect for me to get my Lindy Hop on as well. Woo hoo!  Lil’Mo & the Dynaflos was next and they were really really great. THEN the act of the night was “The Blue Caps with Graham Fenton” a tribute to Gene Vincent. All I can say was….WOW! Such a treat to have seen this performance.

Now for pics from my evening…..never really happened as most of us were having too much fun dancing to take pics. Insert another “opps” lol!  But there were a couple of pictures that did manage to get taken.

strolling on friday night VIVA Las Vegas 16

Me strolling! (sorry for the blurry pic)


friday night Viva las vegas 16

Me and some of the gang 🙂


So there is Friday at VIVA 16. Stay tuned for Saturday..the Car Show and Little Richard!

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