1940’s & 50’s Bowling Fun!

This coming July I’m going to this fun Rockabilly event in Toronto called “Bop & Bowl” where we “Bop” to good Rockabilly music and “Bowl” at the bowling alley…clearly lol! Anyways this event got me thinking about what to wear at the Bowling alley and so while looking online I stumbled upon some really fun photos of “Bowling alley fun” AND “Bowling alley dress” that I thought I would share with you.


How adorable is this Seven-Up ad?

vintage bowling ad

OMG! Look at how divine these women look?? The last two ladies on the right are outstanding with their hair and makeup and look at their perfect nails! I would love to know what their nails looked like AFTER they finished though lol

vintage bowling image

PHOTO credit: “Advocate Mag.com” & Lauren Muncy

This is my vision of how the Bowling party will look like 🙂

Vintage 1950's bowling

The little girl with the cute dress and hair totally makes this picture.

1950's bowling

Photo Credit: Joe Herring Jr

I love her look, if I could wear shorts well I would totally take this look but for now it just might have to be the top 🙂

1950's bowling

Photo Credit: Joe Herring Jr

I just love everything about this photo!

1940's bowling

The two images below are the looks I think I will go with for my “Bowling Look”. Bit of this here and bit of that there and done!

1940s bowling

vintage bowling

Now for the image of all images to close off this blog post

vintage bowling

EEK!!!!! How adorable are these women??! Spending a minute or two just taking it all in….

Happy bowling everyone!

Liz 🙂

6 thoughts on “1940’s & 50’s Bowling Fun!

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  2. That sounds like such a blast! These vintage bowling gals are killing me with their awesome style! I was just thinking about bowling last week actually and went hunting for a deal on a vintage league uniform online, but there were none even remotely close to my budget. I think I might have to wait for the thrift store gods to smile on me there one day.

    ♥ Jessica

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