Toronto’s first Rockabilly “Bop n Bowl” Weekender Event

Continuation of “What I did this Summer” posts

The next event that I attended this summer was called “Bop n Bowl” and it was a Rockabilly weekender right here in Toronto, this past July.

The first night started at the Press Club with Canada’s favorite wild man “Bloodshot Bill

Press Club Toronot

Bloodshot Bill (all photos courtesy of Dean Villafuerte)

Bloodshot Bill

Thank goodness for my friend Dean and his camera because I only ever saw the top of Bloodshot Bills head during his set.

It was a good crowd for the first night.

Rockabilly Toronto

My friends were all having a good time..I think lol (there is me in the back in the green accidentally photo bombing the pic)

Bop n Bowl

There are two things I like to do when I go out to a Rockabilly night: 1. Dance 2. Have a drink or two. Clearly I’m at my max.

Bop n Bowl

Day 2

Day 2 had some really great Vintage and Reproduction vendors, rock n roll dance classes and even a on-site barber set up during the day at Lee Palace’s. I did not purchase any dresses (dang budget) but I got a very cute hair piece for VIVA next year, woo hoo!

Rockabilly Bop N Bowl

Rockabilly Clothing

rockabilly purses

The Evening consisted of a night of amazing music from three outstanding bands.

First band to play is a personal favorite Toronto band of mine called the “Swingin Blackjacks“.  If you are ever in Toronto I recommend you seeking out one of their shows, you will not be disappointed and if you like to dance they are perfect for dancing.

Swingin Blackjacks

Next up was another Favorite Toronto Band- “The Millwinders“.


They are really really good (and such a good Rockabilly dance band too) and have performed at  VIVA Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekender 2 years ago and have been asked back for 2014 as well. Can’t WAIT to see them perform there.


The only female member of the band “Sarah” is insanely beautiful and super talented. She sings, plays the bass and rocks the best vintage/reproduction fashions I have ever seen. She has some wicked style that I could only hope will one day rub off on me along with one of her many awesome Bakelite bracelets 🙂


After the Millwinders, we were treated to a really cool musician in the form of “Jittery Jack with “Miss Amy“.

Jittery Jack

The Review of the headerliner….Jittery Jack was OUTSTANDING! OMG…why have I not seen this guy before? Like seriously, what is wrong with me? lol. Go see this man if you can, you will not be disappointed! Such a good show and Miss Amy was really good as well. Totally an amazing way to end the music portion of the event.

Jittery Jack

For the evening I wore my brand new “Glamour Bunny Sarong Dress” that I had been drooling over for like a year online. I finally was able to purchase it when the new store “Rosie the Rebel” brought it in just for me! Umm not quite but since it fit me like a glove I like to think it was just for me.

Once again here is another “Liz drinking pic” and once again I’m clearly already at my 1 or 2 drink max here 😉

Glamour bunny sarong dress

Here are some dancing pictures from the evening. I danced a lot and my poor feet were hurting by the time the evening ended. Always a good sign I think!

Bop n Bowl dancing

Bop n Bowl dancing

dancing bop n bowl

Day 3-The Bowling portion of the event

You were probably wondering when I was going to get to the “Bowl” portion of this weekend. Well do not fear it is here but first I will share a picture of the Car Show we had outside of the bowling alley.

Bop n bowl vintage car show

Bowling time! This was such a fun way to end the weekend, everyone in our group had such a blast, as you can see below.

bowling bop n bowl

Seriously though we had a really good time playing the game and playing it very badly I might add, but I partially blame the bad bowling on the broken lanes. Do you see a problem below? lol


As we got into the game we noticed that some of us had some very good form.



and some of us had no form, like me!



But we cheered everyone on no matter what and I think everyone was a winner, expect maybe me and my husband and that guy further down the lane…


Photo Courtesy of Sue Shadoff

Sadly though all good things must come to an end and we headed home but I am really looking forward to next year and hope that the awesome Alissa (see below) decides to run this event again. Thanks for a good weekend!

Bop n Bowl

Liz 🙂

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