Vintage Gal Goes Travelling To Vietnam-What Do I wear??


My husband and I are taking an exciting trip to Vietnam next month and I’m very much looking forward to it. The one thing I’m NOT looking forward to is packing because my wardrobe is pretty much non conducive to travelling to places like Vietnam. Normally when I travel (for long trips) I have a large suitcase AND a dress bag filled with my vintage dresses, hair accessories, shoes etc. This trip I have 1 backpack and that is it and I have to carry this thing so I know my curlers are out 😉

So how does a 1940s/50s vintage loving gal like myself keep true to who I am without driving my husband nuts with “we can’t take that hike because my 1950s house dress will get dirty”?

Note: I do know that I have to be realistic and I’m 100% fine with that and I’m not looking to look like I stepped out of a vintage fashion magazine 🙂 Just some tips on quick vintage hair styles, clothes that I can look at putting together that travel well etc. Any help is very much welcome or you will be seeing me in all my pictures in my workout clothes because that is where I am at right now, lol!

I am digging the below images look though…

vintage travel

Image Source

Thank you in advance!

Liz 🙂

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