The Vintage Work Christmas Party

This Friday I have my work Christmas party, it’s a small affair with only about 30 of us celebrating the season over dinner, some raffle prizes and open bar (sweet!). It’s fun but not a crazy party by any means as we are about 99% all men where I work, so no dance floor, dj etc. I’m okay with that as I have to do all the hard work and plan the event so quieter/simpler the better 🙂

I thought it would be fun while I was getting ready for this Friday to peruse parties gone by and see what kind of fun they might have had around the punch bowl (ahhh got to love a good old punch bowl).


This is my favorite picture because it reminds me of myself at our work party. As I stated above I’m the organizer of this affair and I work with mostly men so this could be the 1950s Liz 🙂

vintage christmas party

I wish we had a dance like this. My old job we held dj’d dance parties but never this elegant.

vintage christmas party

Years ago at a work party I do recall after a few cocktails things getting super hilarious (ties on heads kind of hilarious) but never this fun! These ladies are amazing!

Vintage Christmas Party

Seattle Engineering Department Christmas party 1957. I just adore the look of the lady in this picture, such style.

vintage christmas party

Ahhhh a different time. This would NEVER happen now lol! On another note her sweater dress is divine.

vintage christmas party

The little Christmas Tree is so cute!

vintage christmas party

Hillbilly Santa 🙂 1948

vintage christmas party

Source: ORNL archives via Tim Gawne 

1950s promotion department party. Handsome and pretty group of workers. The page-boy hairstyle on the girl on the right is super cute.

vintage christmas party


This does not seem to be a work party but I loved the picture anyways because it has so many awesome things to look at.

1. The decor. 2. The hairstyles on the woman..awesome 3. The nothing but Tinsel Christmas Tree (love!). 4. The very stylish ties on the men.

vintage christmas party


I want the style of all three of these woman. 1948 Attorney Generals Christmas party at Woodward’s

vintage christmas party

Source: VPL80726 Photographer Art Jones

Mmmm fried chicken and fixing -1952

vintage christmas party

Source: ORNL archives via Tim Gawne

Western Electric Co.Christmas Party -1925. Look at the Hair on the!

vintage christmas party



Will you be attending a work Christmas Party this year? And if so what do you usually do?

Liz 🙂

4 thoughts on “The Vintage Work Christmas Party

  1. I love these pictures, especially the old ladies up top. The bottom 1925 pic looks like a front row woman vamping it up before goth was en vogue 75 years later.

  2. Fabulously fun, festive photos! They make me year for the days when more folks had formal dances for the holidays. I’ve never been to one before, but would gleefully slip on my finest frock if I got an invite to one any day of the year.

    ♥ Jessica

    *PS* How awesomely exciting that you’re heading to Vietnam soon. I wish you a super safe, fun, enjoyable time there.

    *PSS* I adore your optimism, which I share, and like to believe that another trip will be in the works for us in 2014, too.

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