Vintage Vacation Anyone?

If you read my blog then you know that I was just in Las Vegas for “Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend“. It was a fun weekend of amazing bands, dancing, vintage shopping, retro pool parties, vintage car show and 1000’s of well dressed 1940’s and 50’s ladies and men. For 4 days I really felt like I was on a “Vintage Vacation” and it is really really hard being at work today.


Me at work today 🙂

I’m currently going thru all my pictures, friends pictures etc. of my trip but while I do that lets take a look at some vintage travel ads and maybe help plan your own vintage vacation in the near or distant future.

vintage TWA travel poster

Ahhh Spain, that would be a beautiful and wonderful vacation (of which I’m going to in June for a wedding).

vintage vacation michigan

I grew up in South Western Ontario right on the border with Michigan so I have spent a lot of time in that State. Wonderful state to visit with lots of water activities courtesy of the 4 Great Lakes.

Hotel Nacional Cuba

Photo Courtesy of Havana Journal

I have been to Cuba many many times as I just find it to be a beautiful and fun country to visit. You can’t get anymore “vintage” than Havana with all its vintage 1950’s cars and Art Deco buildings.

Greyhound vintage travel ad

This ad is not taking you anywhere in particular but it’s a great Spring ad and it allows you to dream of all the places you could comfort of course.

Brazil vintage travel ad

Photo Courtesy of

Brazil..Sun, Sand, glorious music and yummy food. That would be one amazing Vintage Vacation!

Vintage travel ad

This ad sure does make Rhode Island look mighty appealing, I might have to visit it one day.

vintage miami travel ad

Miami….nuff said.

TWA vintage ad

Are you up for a Quickie vintage vacation? TWA can help you out!

fredricks of hollywood vintage

Now with all this travelling one does need the perfect outfit for each location. It looks like Frederick’s Hollywood has thought out all those details with some of the most amazing dresses and swimsuits. WOW!


Are you planning a trip anytime soon? Does it have a vintage flair to it?


Liz 🙂

2 thoughts on “Vintage Vacation Anyone?

  1. I suddenly want to be a vacation vamp so very badly!!! 🙂 (With the killer figure to go with these sultry travel looks, too, pretty please!)

    We are very, very much hoping to hit the road again later this year (likely in the early fall). No where quite as wonderfully exotic as the locals featured here, but a jaunt away from home all the same, if all goes to plan.

    It’s wonderful to know that you had a blast at Viva!

    ♥ Jessica

    • Being a vacation vamp would be fantastic!

      Getting away to anywhere is always fun and it does not have to be in another country. I’m sure wherever you chose it will be a wonderful getaway filled with vintage shopping I’m sure!

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