Time to Dance! Vintage Instructions to get you dancing in no time

If you follow my blog then you know that I’m an avid Lindy Hopper and I’m also working on my “Rock & Roll” and “Jiving” for my Rockabilly side. I LOVE to dance so while in my Lindy class last night a blog post hit me…Vintage Dance Instructions!

So gang lets see how some of our predecessors learned how to cut a rug, shall we?

1940s vintage ad

Nobody wants to be a wallflower do we? So time to take some lessons from the famous “Arthur Murray”

vintage dance instruction

Being popular and having fun all depend on that dancing, so off you go for more lessons!

1930s dance ad

1930s Dance Ad

Time to do some Swing Dancing!

Vintage Lindy Hop

It’s Suzy-Q time! We do this move a lot in Lindy Hop Solo Jazz.

vintage dance instruction

Want to learn how to “Collegiate Shag“? Here are some starter points.

Collegiate Shag vintage image

Source: CollegiateShag.com

Not so much “HOW” to dance but how “NOT to be”…I think.

vintage dance instruction

As mentioned above I’m also a big fan of the 1950’s and Rockabilly so I’m learning Jive (sort of) and also have taken Rock N Roll classes in the past.

vintage dance instruction

Thank goodness for this book or I would truly be lost! Source: Etsy- Props & Pieces

I agree about # 4 below. Thinking ruins everything…It really does!

vintage dance instruction

Source: Etsy-Props & Pieces

Last BUT not least you cannot mention dance instruction and NOT mention “Fred Astaire”.

vintage dance instruction

Source: Etsy-JeanRameyArt

So many shoes! Quick, Quick, Slow……Got it??

vintage dance instruction

Source-Etsy: JeanRameyArt

I will leave you with this Tillie the Toiler Cartoon. It made me giggle because I’m a tall woman and many of my dances look like Tillie’s 🙂

Tillie the Toiler


So my lovely readers, did these images get you motivated to go dancing? Take a lesson or two? If you do dance, please share what got you into dancing I love those stories.

Liz 🙂


8 thoughts on “Time to Dance! Vintage Instructions to get you dancing in no time

  1. If I wasn’t wearing a TENS unit, sending electrodes up my back to help with pain, I’d put on my gladrags and go dancing, too. Starting with the box step…

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