Everyone Loves a Scottie Dog, Especially the Vintage Community!

Every since I found my wedding shoes from Irregular Choice with a cute adorable Scottie Dog on them (see below), I have been obsessed with collecting vintage items with this dog on it. I also realize that I’m not the only one who loves the Scottie as many ladies (and gents) in the vintage community I know enjoy collecting them as well.

Irregular Choice shoes Scottie Dog

My shoes and Vintage Brooch Bouquet from my 2012 wedding

Also my Recent..just got in the mail Celluloid 1940s Scottie Dog pin. Love Love Love! Can’t wait to wear them.

1940's Celluloid Pin

Source: Etsy-Bits of Bakelite


Mini History Lesson of the Scottie Dog-1930s Popularity

During the 1930s it seemed like everyone from Movie Stars to Presidents wanted to own this dog and they did!

Owners included (but not limited to):

President Franklin Delanor Roosevelt was a famous Scottie enthusiast, and was known for taking his Scottie dog “Fala” with him almost everywhere he went.

Fala the famous FDR scottie Dog

Fala and FDR

Bettie Davis and her Scottie

Bettie Davis

Humphrey Bogart and his dog “Sluggy”

Humphrey Bogart and his scottie dog


Even the Famous “Memphis Belle” had a Scottie Dog as a Mascot-Stuka

Memphis Belle with Scottie Dog Mascot

Source: modernscottiedog.com

Having such an illustrious owners did much for the Scotties PR and the dog’s popularity was capitalised on by contemporary designers and advertisers of the period. Scottie dog brooches were produced in bakelite, marcasite, gold, enamel and metal (Source).

Wonderful Examples:

Bakelite Scottie Dog brooch from the 1930-40s in an Ice tea/Apple Juice color-Pretty!

1930s 1940s Scottie Dog Bakelite brooch

Source: For Sale on Etsy-Lucky Patina

Three Scotties carved out of dark red Bakelite-How cute are they?? THREE of them!

Scottie Dog Bakelite Brooch

Source: For Sale on Etsy-OldObscenities

Art deco era Scottie brooch of sterling and marcasite

Scottie Dog Brooch

Source: For sale Etsy-SararaVintage


After a slight dip in popularity, the late 1950s saw the Scottie Dog become in vogue again! and could be seen on many different items from jewelry to shot glasses.

Like this adorable Paper Towel from the 1950’s.

1950s Scottie dog towel

Source: For Sale Etsy-grandmothersattic

Need some vintage 1950s coasters for your bar? I kind of think I might need to buy this for my husband as he is Scottish and has been known to drink a scotch & soda a time or two.

1950s metal coasters with scottie dogs

Source: For sale Etsy-BogieBacallVintage

How about a lovely 1950s shot glass to go on those coasters?

1950s vintage shot glass with scottie dogs

Source: For Sale Etsy-My Retro Charm

Looking for a 1950s vintage planter for your home? This guy will do I think 🙂

1950s Scottie Dog vintage planter

Source: For sale Etsy-candyzown

If you are a knitter (not me..oh that is so not me) you can purchase this adorable 1950s sweater and cap pattern for a little boy or girl in your life. I want it for me!

Vintage Knitting Pattern 1950s Boys and Girls

Source: For Sale Etsy-Knittingknitch


Now on a last fun note..did you know that in the game of monopoly the Scottie Dog game piece (introduced in the 1950s) is the most popular piece of all time? See everyone loves a Scottie Dog!

Monoploy Scottie Dog figure


Do you collect these adorable dogs for your vintage collection? If so what do you own?

Liz 🙂

14 thoughts on “Everyone Loves a Scottie Dog, Especially the Vintage Community!

  1. Epppp!!!! 🙂 What a fabulously adorable, fun filled post!!! I love Scotties, too, and dogs (and animals) in general. In the course of this week, I both bought a Scottie dog pin for myself and listed a wooden 30s/40s one in my Etsy shop (total coincidence!). I had one already in my personal collection, but when I saw one of a Scottie smoking a pipe and looking like a dapper Scottish gentleman in the process, I just had to have it! 🙂

    ♥ Jessica

    • I can’t own a dog due to my apartment being the size of a pea, lol! so I’m taking out my need to own a dog by owning mini dogs..like the Scottie! They are totally adorable and scream vintage in my mind 🙂

  2. Well, they are certainly preferable to pit bulls, which is all they have at the animal shelters around here. But 20 yrs ago, when I was at the pound, looking for a dog, they had a jaunty little black Scottie named McTavish. I can’t recall why we didn’t choose him, but I have never seen a Scottie at a shelter in all these years since (and many adopted dogs later). Your shoes are even better than ruby slippers! So cute! Also, I don’t think I’ve ever seen Bogart look that healthy, and not aging and sick. When I was young, I found a stack of pin-up style pics my grandmother had drawn in the 1940s, with ladies on the phone, with parasols, etc, and one had a lady walking her Scottie, and the leash wrapping all around her gams. 🙂

    • Ahh poor Scottie dog. I would love to own one but I live in a teeny tiny apartment so a dog makes no sense for me. Thanks about my shoes! First thing I bought even before my wedding dress 🙂 ohhhhhhhhhh those pics sound delightful and drawn by your grandmother too, how wonderful.

  3. Delightful post and at last one of my fav breeds of dogs has had wonderful recognition. Never owned one maybe I will one day!!!!! All the scottie memorabelia – smashing.

    • thanks so much! I would love to own one too one day. I saw one at the mall the other day and he had the cutest tartan sweater on. I wanted to just take him home from his owner right there and then 🙂

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