My VIVA Las Vegas Vacation-Day 1

Since my vacation to warm and sunny Las Vegas for Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly weekend #17 was over several days I thought I would break it down to best serve you my wonderful readers.

Viva Rockabilly Weekend 17

So first up Wednesday-April 16th.

We arrived actually late Tuesday night but due to the time change we just wandered blindly/tiredly down the strip till we found $1 beers and hot dogs, ate and went to bed. So no exciting pictures (other then the amazing some what blurry photo below haha) from that night. So that is why Wednesday I really consider our first day in Vegas.

las vegas hotdog

Up first..breakfast, changed and then head over to get our room at the Orleans where Viva was being held.

Since I knew that night was Tiki night with my friends at Frankies Tiki Room I decided to wear my 1950’s vintage Hawaiian Jansen tunic I got on Etsy (Butterfly Vintage) to get in the mood. I kind of look like I’m IN A mood in this picture but I think I’m more tired than anything here 🙂

Viva Rockabilly Weekend 17

We made it! Woot Woot!

Viva Rockabilly Weekend 17

After everyone arrived we got dressed and hopped in cabs to head over to Frankie’s. But first we got this great picture taken while waiting at the taxi stand.

Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly weekend 17

{Photo Courtesy of Liisa} 

My dress and my friend Vanessa’s dress beside me are “Di Brooks-OuterLimitz” sarongs. I love her designs and actually own a second piece as well (to be shown later).

Now let the Tiki Party begin! This was my very first time at Frankie’s and I was very very excited because I have heard so many awesome things about it.

Frankies Tiki Room

{Photo courtesy of Dean Villafuerte}

Frankies Tiki Room

Bright outside…but soooo not bright inside.

Frankies Tiki Room

{Photo courtesy of Dean Villafuerte}

The Tiki gods await you…in a very dark room! So that you can partake in yummy Tiki drinks 🙂

Frankie tiki room

 {Photo Courtesy of Steph}

The ladies again.

Side Note: I’m sure I will never meet this person again but to the kind women who told us about seats (there are not many) THANK YOU!

Frankies Tiki Room

{Photo courtesy of Dean Villafuerte}

The lovely Dean with his Dr. No: “Savagely Sophisticated, this spicy delight of scotch, pear nectar and spices will turn any NO into an immediate YES!” hehehe that made me laugh..a lot when I read that.

frankies tiki room

{Photo Courtesy of Steph}

After we finished with our Tiki drinks we hopped back in the cabs and headed to the strip for some dinner and some shopping.

vintage reproduction clothing

{Photos courtesy of Dean Villafuerte}

So many pretty colours at the Beach Bash store in the Forum Shops.

Beach Bash store

Then we headed next door for some more shopping at “Tatyana

Vintage Reproduction Clothing store

{Photo courtesy of Dean Villafuerte}

Where my husband found the man area 🙂

Reproduction Clothing store

{Photo courtesy of Dean Villafuerte}

And I bought an awesome flask that in this picture looks as big as my head!

vintage reproduction clothing store

{Photo courtesy of Dean Villafuerte}

After shopping we stopped for a great photo outside of Caesars Palace (my husband is one lucky guy).

Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend 17

{Photo courtesy of Dean Villafuerte}

And then headed to the LINQ for some food.

Link las Vegas

On our way to the restaurant we passed a cupcake store that had a Cupcake ATM! You put your money in and the cupcake spits out at you. Okay it drops not spit but that was the vision I first had in my head.  Love it!

Link las Vegas

We finally found our restaurant-The Yard House where my husband proceeded to order the biggest beer I have ever seen. It’s Huge!

The food was really good as well and the prices were excellent for being on the strip, fyi.

yard house las vegas

{Photo courtesy of Dean Villafuerte}


And that my friends concludes day 1 of our Las Vegas adventures. If you were in Vegas on the Wednesday for Viva how was your evening?

The rest of my Viva Posts: Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Liz 🙂




8 thoughts on “My VIVA Las Vegas Vacation-Day 1

  1. That flask is far out, man. I can dig it. Loved all your dresses; you must have been turning gambling men’s heads all day. I haven’t been to Vegas in 12 yrs, since I was pregnant–and what an awful time to be in Vegas, unable to drink a drop!

    • The flask was a fun purchase that is for sure 🙂 We might of been turning heads but we had some stiff competition that weekend that was for sure lol! You should go back to Vegas, it has really really changed since you were last there.

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