It’s Thanksgiving! Putting The “Vintage” Into The Holiday

Here in Canada we are about to celebrate our Thanksgiving on Monday and then I know my lovely neighbours to the south will be celebrating their’s next month. So I thought it would be fun to put together a post on items you could purchase to add some “Vintage” to your Thanksgiving holiday.


First up..Table Decor.

Table Decor is a MUST to bring your Thanksgiving table to next level, starting with a pretty themed tablecloth.

vintage tablecloth

Source-Etsy: NewtoUVintage

Vintage Tablecloth

Source-Etsy: LinensandThings

As for what goes ON the Tablecloth how about these delightful 1940s Vintage Anagram Letters?

1940s vintage table decor

Source-Etsy: JustSmashingDarling

If you love the Turkey in the image above, then you can take them home below- 2 Morton Pottery Turkey Planters circa 1940s.

Oh I love them!!!

vintage Turkey planters

Source-Etsy: CRCRUMSEY

Having lots of guests over? Here is a nifty idea on how to remember where everyone should sit-Place Cards!

Vintage Thanksgiving place settings

Source-Etsy: FeraliaVintage

Cooking Time!

Need some help with your turkey or thanksgiving recipes? Then Butterball has you covered with their 1950s advertisement and informational pamphlet for Swift’s Premium Butterball Turkey.

1950s Turkey Recipe book

Source-Etsy: ThirstyOwlVintage

1950s inside of Turkey Recipe book

Source-Etsy: ThirstyOwlVintage

Now how to take the turkey out of the oven? How about with this Thanksgiving Kitchen Towel? This is funny, cute and vintage all at the same time. I’m guessing this towel has to be late 1930s by looking at her hair and shoes but that is just a guess.

On another note, I would totally cook the turkey if my husband would pull me around on a trolly to bring it to the table lol!

Vintage Kitchen Towel

Source-Etsy: NeatoKeen

Your holding the turkey now what to put it on?? This 1950’s vintage Turkey Platter should do the trick.

1950s Turkey Platter

Source-Etsy: FrancesAttic

Mmmmm Dessert

A vintage cookbook is always the way to go for authentic recipes from a bygone era. This particular gem was made in 1958. It features 61 pages of recipes and illustrations.

1950s Vintage Dessert cookbook

Source-Esty: cocoskitchen

After your dessert decisions have been made I’m SURE one of those is pumpkin pie and you will need just the right plate to serve it on.

This plate is from the 1970’s but I don’t mind at all because I just think it is fantastic and so perfect for your thanksgiving table. It even has the recipe for pumpkin pie in case you forget. Just don’t put the pie on it till your done WITH the recipe 🙂

Vintage Plate for Pies

Source-Etsy: VLDDecorandHome

You could also use the Blue Ridge Southern Potteries ‘Thanksgiving Turkey’ plate for some of your goodies. The image on the plate is a bit quirky which I like.

Vintage thanksgiving dinner plate

Source-Etsy: PastPiecesVintage


Like my household (I have 2 nephews and niece) there might be kids at Thanksgiving so what can you do to keep them entertained? How about reading a Thanksgiving story like this wonderful 1954 book Written by Esther M. Schenk?

I know I know! this idea will only keep them amused for 5 mins but it falls into the “vintage” theme and so therefore perfect for this blog post.

1950s childrens book thanksgiving

Source-Etsy: grandmothersattic

1950s Vintage Childrens Book,-thanksgiving

Source-Etsy: grandmothersattic

Lastly what to wear? Well that could be anything from a cute vintage dress, slacks, vintage apron or a vintage novelty skirt like the one below.

Can’t get any more “Thanksgiving” then Cornucopia baskets.

1950s vintage novelty skirt

Source-Etsy: SavvySpinsterVintage

BUT I think a must for whatever outfit you chose, there should be a themed vintage brooch on your lapel.

Now as Canadian’s we don’t have “Pilgrims” in our Thanksgiving story but this pin is too cute to pass up!

vintage thanksgiving pin

Source: Etsy-Desert Gemstones

Pilgrims not your thing? How about a Vintage Turkey Brooch?? Yup, this is awesome!

Vintage Turkey Brooch

Source-Etsy: roseluv

Here is the Cornucopia basket again-Kitschy and fun!

Vintage thanksgiving Brooch

Source-Etsy: AllureofJewels


And that my friends is some of my “Vintage Thanksgiving” ideas. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving whenever you are celebrating it 🙂

Question: I would love to know if you have vintage items that you already incorporate into your holiday decor? Please Share!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Liz 🙂

My VIVA Las Vegas Vacation-Day 3

Hello Friends! I hope you had a marvelous weekend, I know I did as it was my birthday on May 4th. It was filled with friends, food, drinks and marvelous time with my husband. I was truly spoiled and want to do it again! But I have to wait another year so now it’s back to normal life, which means back to my blog I go!

The last time we left off I just wrote about Day 1 & 2 of my Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly weekend adventures, so now we are at the Friday of the event….POOL TIME!

1940s vintage bathingsuit

Viva used to have just one pool party with bands, vintage swimsuit contests on the Sunday but due to popularity (always a lineup to get in) they have added a party each day of the event. We could not attend the Sunday pool party due to Toronto’s very own “Millwinders” being on right in the middle of the party, so we decided to make Friday our pool day.

The day started out cold, windy and dreary and we were positive that it was going to be a miserable day.

As you can see below there is no sun to be seen.

viva las vegas 17 pool party

But then the clouds went away and the sun came out and that is when the party started. Like this lovely couple doing some dancing, how fun!

vlv17 pool party

See happy smiling faces all around.

Side note about my vintage swimsuit. It is a “Ceeb of Miami” and I purchased it at Cabaret here in Toronto. The suit was in mint condition and I was super excited when it fit me like a glove. Next year I hope to enter it into the vintage swimsuit contest.
Men’s Vintage Swimsuit Contest-Winners

VLV 17 mens swimwear contest   

Photo credit: Monqiue Rondeau’s FB post in Viva Las Vegas 17 Vintage Swimsuit Contest

We ended up spending most of the day by the pool because they had a band, vintage mens swimsuit contest seen above (my vote was for the guy who looked like Clark Kent ) and lots and lots of great vintage looks to check out. You were never bored, not possible. Plus I got to hang with these lovely ladies for the afternoon and that is never a bad thing.

Now if the pool was not your thing you could of gone bowling.

Photo credit: Dean Villafuerte

Or you could of taken a Jive lesson if dancing is something you enjoy.

Photo credit: Dean Villafuerte

But for me and the gang it was pool day.

After we were done at the pool we all scattered to get food and then quickly changed so we could check out another Canadian band called “The Shakedown Combo“, a Rockabilly band/family from Nova Scotia. I have heard then before at the East End Rockabilly Riot right here in Toronto and I loved them a lot so I was looking forward to their show.

Here I am getting ready (only picture of me that night).

Photo credit: Dean Villafuerte


Shakedown Combo: Mother sings, father pays guitar and daughter bass….awesome!
If you get a chance to see this band! They put on quite a show.

Sadly just after this show finished I got dreadfully ill which we later realized was food poisoning and the rest of my evening looked like this…

Absolutely nothing…sigh.

I heard that the evening was amazing though and the band my husband saw at 2am in the ballroom “Pat Capocci and Band” was really good and apparently my kind of sound (of course). So since I did not get to see them I’m going to end this post with a video of them at Viva so we can enjoy them together.

How was your Friday at Viva?
Here are my other Viva Posts: Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday

Liz 🙂













Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

This weekend myself and all my fellow Canadians are celebrating our thanksgiving…So Happy Thanksgiving!!! I hope it’s a wonderful time spent with family and friends and pumpkin pie 🙂

I have a lot to be thankful this year, from having an amazing husband, good health, job, family to my friends and new friends at the Toronto Vintage and Retro Society, my blog and of course my fantastic readers. Its been a very very good year and I’m very blessed.


Here is what I love about Thanksgiving itself:

# 1. Being with my family and having a real good time

1950's thanksgiving

The lady closest to the front of the picture is totally me hehehe 🙂




# 2. Eating Turkey!

vintage Thanksgiving

1950's vintage ad

1940's thanksgiving


# 3. Pumpkin Pie…okay okay..ANY KIND OF PIE! 🙂

mmmmmmmm that looks good and super easy to make!

vintage pumpkin pie receipe

1940's thanksgiving

Image Source


#4. Going to the local County Fair

1950's fairgrounds

1950's fairgrounds
1940's county fair

Great photo of a couple dancing at a county fair. Maybe my husband and I can do that this weekend

swing dancing

Image Source


# 5. The Wishbone (my fav tradition)

Judy Garldand and Mickey Rooney

Once again I hope you have a wonderful weekend, celebrating Thanksgiving or just celebrating life. Enjoy!

Liz 🙂

Back from Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly weekend 2013!

I’m BACK from VIVA and boy did I have the time of my life, like a seriously good time. So good that I already booked my room at the Orleans for next year (got the last room before it sold out I was told) and I even convinced my parents to go next year as well. Can’t wait for April 2014!

Here is a picture of me on the first day enjoying a Tiki rum punch in the Viva boot. Classy lady I am 😉

viva pic1

Clothes credits: Bettie Page clothing skirt & top and chiffon scarf in my hair. Purse is vintage.

Viva rundown

My friends took a million pictures of the weekend which I will be doing a blog post or two to show you all the fun I had, so stay tuned for that.

In the mean time below is a great overview video that “Lost in Paradise” took of the weekend if you would like to check it out. At the 4:29ish mark you can see my husband and I doing a bit of dancing, we are to the left of your screen (I’m wearing a black and turquoise polka dot dress), so keep your eyes peeled for yours truly 🙂

Enjoy 🙂