“Morgans Department Store”-Little bit of Canadian Vintage History

Recently I went and visited an antique show here in Toronto at a local mall called “Cloverdale“, there was lots and lots of items for sale but nothing mid-century for this gal until I saw a really cool hat box at one of the tables. Seen here…

1950s Vintage Hat Box

The box was not in great condition but after quickly searching the name on the box “Morgans” I discovered that it was a little bit of Canadian history, so I ran back and scooped it up for a steal and a history lesson from its owners.

Apparently, Morgan’s (formally Henry Morgan & Company) was a Montreal-based Canadian department store chain. The first store was opened in Montreal in 1845 by Scottish immigrant Henry Morgan with a second store not appearing till the early 1950s in the Snowdon section of Montreal. Other stores subsequently opened on the island of Montreal, and several Ontario cities (Wikipedia).

After being open for over 100 years, in the 1960s the Hudson Bay Company purchased Morgans and quickly converted the Ontario stores to “Bay’s”. By the early 1970s the Quebec stores followed suit and that was the end of the brand Morgans….until I found my box! Now we can share in a moment of Canadian history together and bring to life the department store once more.

The Early Days:

Morgans 1890

Morgan's 1890

Morgan’s department store in Montreal decorated for the 1939 Royal Tour of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth. So Elegant.

I wish we could see setups like this again when royalty comes to visit.

 Morgan's department store decorated for the 1939 Royal Tour. Montreal, Canada

Here are some images of other Morgans in the 1950’s

Hamilton’s Greater Shopping Centers-Morgans

Morgan's 1950s

Source: henleyshamilton1.wordpress.com

Interior shots of the Hamilton store being prepared for opening

A miniature milk bar for the kids. Oh my how cute!!

Morgans Department store 1950s

Source: henleyshamilton1.wordpress.com

Male Mannequins for the store. Kind of creepy I think. Actually Really Really Creepy!

Morgans Department Store

Source: henleyshamilton1.wordpress.com

Group of Sales women attending a class to be able to work at Morgan’s.

What marvelous hair all these ladies have.

Morgans Department Store

Source: henleyshamilton1.wordpress.com

Learning how to use the Cash Register.

Morgans Department Store

Source: henleyshamilton1.wordpress.com

Morgans 1950’s ad for Schiaparelli Hats. Love this! How do I get this hat?

Schiapareli 1958


Hungry anyone? I will have the Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding (my fav!).

Gosh could you imagine if a Buffet (then called a Smorgasbord) was $1.19 today? Yikes!

Vintage Department Store ads

Source: torontoist.com

“As new as tomorrow”….How exciting, I love things that are as new as tomorrow!

vintage department store ad

Source: torontoist.com

Logo Designs:

1950s Morgans

1950s Morgans Department store

Source: The Department Store Museum

1970s Morgans after the Hudson Bay took it over (this would be its last logo change)

Vintage Department Stores in Canada

Source: The Department Store Museum

 Interesting Fact: It looks like Morgans was the first department store to move into family neighborhoods, as opposed to making a trip downtown to go shopping (as seen below). I’m sure this made many a family lives easier.

This ad makes me giggle. What is with the triangle people??

Vintage Department Store Toronto

Source: torontoist.com

And that interesting fact ties in with the knowledge that where I bought the hat box was actually where a Morgans Department store once stood in the 1960s at Cloverdale Mall.  It was under my nose the whole time and I never knew! How exciting!


There you have it friends, a little bit of Canadian History.

Do you have a department store where you live that has been around for years or maybe know of one like Morgans that has come and gone? I would love to hear about it.

Liz 🙂



Toronto’s “Rockin” Rockabilly Scene

If you have never visited Toronto then you might not be aware that we have an AMAZING music scene. It is 100% true that you can come and visit our city on ANY Night and find first class live music to listen too. As a Lindy Hopper I’m so spoiled on the live swing music I can dance to almost every night (especially in the summer time). As a Rockabilly fan I’m also equally lucky to have several amazing bands right on my door step and currently a regular monthly rockabilly night as well!

Rockabilly bands in Toronto

Our next Rockabilly Night-Sept 26th

For my blog post today I want to shed the light on some of the amazing Rockabilly Music right here in Toronto and surrounding cities (some are ones I know well and some are ones I don’t but they are all amazing).

(Note: I’m sure I missed some bands and I do apologize)


I love the Millwinders and have blogged about them before when they played at VIVA this past year. They have this great traditional rockabilly sound that is just fantastic. If you ever get to see them live they are loads of fun (and they are all super nice!) and if you like vintage style then Sarah (the only lady in the band) is your gal. Her vintage style is drool worthy AND she is a Toronto Vintage Society member too.

The Swingin’ Blackjacks

The Swingin’ Blackjacks was the first Rockabilly band I had ever seen live in Toronto and they quickly became a favorite of mine. With their sound being a blend of Rockabilly and Jumpin Blues you can easily dance the night away to them…and I have! Matt and the band always put on a top-notch show and you can usually catch them playing somewhere in the city, several times a month. Very hard-working band.

The Royal Crowns

Once again another favorite band of mine with an outstanding rockabilly sound that will keep the party going all night long. I try not to miss these guys when they are playing as they don’t play a ton of shows and they really are a must see band. Their sound touches on many genres of music-rockabilly, rock and roll, hillbilly jazz, surf, and rhythm and blues to name just a few. Also 2 of the members “Teddy Fury” and “Danny Bartley” have deep musical roots stretching back to the early ’80s, playing in key bands such as The Bop Cats and Shotgun Shack (source). So this band has a strong Rockabilly background.

Tennessee Voodoo Coupe

I think I’m going to become a broken record here in a minute…another favorite band! SEE how lucky Toronto is?? I’m only on band # 4 and I have already gushed so much. Anyways TVC is a band I have danced to and seen live too many times to count. They even performed at VIVA LAST Year and they were so good! TVC is headed up by the very talented and charismatic “Big Rude Jake” who has had a long and successful career in Rockabilly, Jazz, Swing etc. and it shows in his music. This band is always putting on a good show.

Video Note: The dancers in the “dark” in this video are friends in the scene.

Alistair Christl

Self described as the “Reigning Canadian champion of “Hillbilly Bop” – a style that combines the best of Honky tonk, Country Swing, Roots Rockabilly, Jazz and Blues Alistair is another show stopper. I have seen him play the Rockabilly Brunch at the Dominion on Queen many times (as well as many other events) and he always impresses every time. He is super fun to dance too as well.

The Kat Kings

The Kat Kings have this great Bluesy/Rockabilly (Bluesabilly?? lol) sound that is just so sweet to listen too and dance too. They are another hardworking band that perform all over the city and beyond. One of my favorite performances was a couple of years back at the Elvis Tribute night at Hughs Room. Kevin the lead singer was just so perfect to lead this tribute night and I think Elvis would have been proud.

Ginger St. James

I have only seen Ginger play once and it was awhile ago but I plan to change this very soon because she is an outstanding vocalist and great performer. To sum up her style there is a great quote on her website that says: “Raunchy, sassy, bluesy, rockin’ with a good-sized dash of jazz AND country, this is a total delight to the ears of any connoisseur of great music. – Tara Jennings

Hell Bent Rockers

The Hell Bent Rockers are an awesome band from just outside of Toronto in the city of Hamilton. There sound is high-energy mix of classic rock & roll and authentic 50’s rockabilly. Just the kind of Rockabilly I personally love and have enjoyed every time I have seen them perform. I’m looking forward to seeing them next Friday at the 3030.


The Greasemarks according to their website describe themselves as Leaving a trail of stained pillows, broken hearts and busted amps in their wake.The Greasemarks have been doin’ 50’s rockabilly loud, nasty & right since 2007″. I have seen this band a few times and have to say this statement is true 🙂

The Diamond Drapes

Another great band from Hamilton, the Diamond Drapes are a well dressed band with a classic Rockabilly sound. I only recently saw this band perform about a year ago and I was kicking myself for not seeing them sooner, they are so good! I stayed on the dance floor all night long.

Ronnie Hayward

Ronnie has been playing his rockabilly brand of hobo country for years now. Prior to forming his own trio in 1989, he had already played and written songs on several albums and had been a member of Jimmy Roy’s 5 Star Hillbillies, Herald Nix, The Nervous Fellas, The Bughouse Five and countless other rockabilly and roots-based bands. He has released eleven albums of his own, nine of which are on European labels (Source).

Heather Ballentine

I will be honest I had not heard of Heather till I started writing this post, and that is a real shame because she has a beautiful voice and amazing retro style! Her signature sound appeals to country, rockabilly and bluegrass audiences alike. Check her out below, I know I’m a new fan now.


Extra Music Note: Toronto has also a number of Psychobilly Bands that have a real following as well and are very good if that is your favourite style. Bands like:

The Howling Bullets

Christian D and the Hangovers

Buzz Deluxe

Evil Elvis


For regular updates on the scene here in Toronto make sure you visit “Toronto Rockabilly” or like the Facebook page “Rockhouse T.O.” AND of course make sure you follow the “Toronto Vintage Society” who is always up to date on all events Rockabilly and beyond in Toronto.

Elvis Presley 1950s

Do you have a favorite band? And it does not have to be in Toronto. I always love hearing about other bands in other cities (that is why I love VIVA for the chance to see new bands). Do Share!

Liz 🙂

My Early 1900s Vintage Car Show Adventure

This past weekend I was very lucky to be able to attend an amazing event called “The Old Car Festival” at the Henry Ford Museum/Greenfield Village in Detroit Michigan area. I attended this event with my family and met up with some vintage friends from the Toronto area as well, so it was a great little group that went.

Old Car Festival-Henry Ford Musuem

Image courtesy of Geoffrey Holmes

All I can say about this event is this…YOU MUST GO NEXT YEAR! No seriously if you live in Michigan, Ontario, or can drive or fly then you must go! I had so much fun and I did not even do half of what my friends did who attended the whole weekend.

First up there were early 1900 vintage cars..everywhere like as far as the eye could see and ranged in age from the early 1900’s right up to the early 1930’s.

1902 vintage car

That handle in the middle is how you drove the car. I prefer a steering wheel I think

Old Fashion Car Show-Greenfield Village

Old Fashion Car Show-Greenfield Village

Yours truly looking sooo not early 1900s 🙂

Old Car Festival-Henry Ford Museum

Photo Courtesy of Geoffrey Holmes

Old Car Festival-Henry Ford Museum

Photo Courtesy of Geoffrey Holmes

Old Car Festival-Henry Ford Museum

Photo Courtesy of Dean Villafuerte

My FAVORITE CAR of all time from the show! Pierce Arrow!

A Pierce-Arrow was a status symbol, owned by many Hollywood stars and tycoons. Most of the royalty of the world had at least one Pierce-Arrow in its collection. So dreamy…..

Old Car Festival-Henry Ford Museum

Old car festival-Henry ford museum

There were so many cars there, that there was major street congestion as well! Traffic jam 1910 style!

Old Car Festival-Henry Ford Museum

If driving a car was not your style, you could have also rode a vintage bike. I love these ladies such style.

Old Car Festival Henry Ford Museum

Photo Courtesy of Geoffrey Holmes

It’s a Bike Gang! How does one ride a bike like that??

Old Car Festival Henry Ford Museum

Photo Courtesy of Dean Villafuerte

There was also a couple of vintage trains that you could have taken a trip around the park on. Next year I’m doing this!

Vintage Train-Greenfield Village

After all that car, bike and train viewing one is bound to get hungry and the village had lots of options but the best one by far was the Eagle Tavern. A real tavern from the 1800’s that was moved to the village many years ago.

Eagle Tavern-Greenfield Village

Greenfield Village-Henry Ford Museum

The family waiting to be called in for lunch-Eclectic bunch they are 🙂

You ate by candle light, sat in old wood chairs (ohhh my bum), were served by waiters and waitress in period dress and even had your name called to your table by the town crier.

Greenfield Village-Henry Ford Museum

Photo Courtesy of Geoffrey Holmes

The coolest part of my lunch experience (beyond the delish food) was the Greenfield village beer with my name on it!

Greenfield Village Beer-Old Liz

Hey that’s me! Who are you calling old?

After we ate, we went and saw some lovely singers, sing songs from the 1920s. My favorite was the “Irving Berlin” melody.

Old Car Festival-Henry Ford Museum

Photo Courtesy of Geoffrey Holmes

Then we wandered around some more and enjoyed the sights and sounds of the festival.

Greenfield village-carousel

Took a ride on the Carousal

Greenfield Village

Enjoying the pretty views

We also admired the fashions that were in attendance. There was some dapper men (aka my friend Dean).

Old Car festival-Henry ford museum

Photo Courtesy of Geoffrey Holmes

How wonderful are these men? and Dean of course 🙂

Old Car Festival-Henry Ford Musem

Photo Courtesy of Geoffrey Holmes

The other Dapper Canadian man on this trip, Geoffrey Holmes.

Old Car Festival-Henry Ford Museum

Photo Courtesy of Dean

A favorite of mine…the cutest vintage sailor boys….ever!

Old Car Festival-Henry Ford Museum

Photo Courtesy of Geoffrey Holmes

There were also gorgeous ladies as well like my beautiful friend Amanda.

Her dress was made by her mother (I believe) and is just wonderful and I adore it on her.

Old Car Festival-Henry Ford Museum

Photo Courtesy of Geoffrey Holmes

Then we all managed to find each other for a lovely vintage group photo (excuse my 40s wear, I really have nothing 1920s).

Old Car Festival-Henry Ford Museum

Photo Courtesy of Geoffrey Holmes

After all the picture-taking it was time to find a spot for the Big Band dance and the parade of vintage cars with their gas lights on.

Old Car Festival-Henry Ford Museum

Photo Courtesy of Geoffrey Holmes

It was truly magical and then we got to dance to this amazing band! The beautiful woman in the pink had the most gorgeous voice.

Old Car Festival-Henry Ford Museum

Photo Courtesy of Geoffrey Holmes

Then we danced as the cars drove by.

Old Car Festival-Henry Ford Museum

Photo Courtesy of Geoffrey Holmes

A great shot of Dean and I making magic on the dance floor..aka the road.

Liz Clothing Note: I’m wearing a vintage 1940s day dress that I recently purchased from “The Best Vintage Clothing” online store. I adore this dress so much. It also has buttons down the back.

OLd Car Festival-Henry Ford Museum

Photo Courtesy of Geoffrey Holmes

I got to dance with all the men! Lucky me 🙂 Geoff and I cutting a rug as they used to say back in the day.

Old Car Festival-Henry Ford Museum

Photo Courtesy of Dean Villafuerte

Lastly all good things must come to an end with fireworks.

Old Far Festival-Henry Ford Museum

Photo Courtesy of Geoffrey Holmes

And then we went home tired but happy 🙂

I hope you enjoyed my little post on my fantastic adventure this weekend and hopefully if you live near by, you can join us next year!

I will now leave you with a great video that Geoff created of the weekend (near the end you can catch me swing dancing).

Liz 🙂


A Peak Into 1940s Collegiate Life

August is now gone and that means all the kiddies and older kids are back to school. Sigh..bye bye summer.

Going to school was always something I enjoyed and I have some pretty great memories during those years. I do though vividly remember my first dance of University, I was so nervous and excited all at the same time. I just left my small “ish” home town and had moved to the big City of Toronto to live. I had no idea what the future held but I knew that it was never going to be a dull movement, and boy has it not!

Now going with this theme of “Back to school” and since I’m a fan of the 1940s I thought I would like to do a post on what College life looked like during those years. First up I know it looked nothing like my early 2000’s university life, hahaha 🙂

So are you ready to take a class in “1940s Collegiate Style and Collegiate Life” with me as seen thru pictures?


Time to move into your dorm.  These lovely ladies look fresh-faced and ready to tackle the world. I love the luggage and hat box! And the dress with the Peter Pan collar is a very practical and pretty.

1940s college days

Source: UMW Centennial

The caption for this picture is: Class Officers in front of Gate at University of Mary Washington.

Saddle Shoes! Great skirts and jackets! Look at their hair?! Oh my this photo is simply and truly wonderful. 1940s Collegiate Style right here ladies and gentlemen.

1940s women in college

Source: UMW Centennial

Studying in the Dorm

Not much in way of great clothing look here, BUT did you notice all the great details in the room? First up, can you see the handsome serviceman on the bookshelf? I saw him instantly! How about that great clock? Do you think it’s Bakelite? I also adore the bread-spreads. Burberry has nothing on these beds.

1940s dorm life

Source: UWM Centennial

Maybe the ladies above were studying up on how to make the perfect pie as seen below? Mandatory for a woman in the 1940s to be able to do, I’m sure.

1940s college classes

Source: UMW Centennial

Time to Join a Club!

Okay this picture has so many fantastic things happening. First up according to the caption on this picture this is “Campus Jane and Campus Joe, members of the University of Miami ‘M’ Club-1946″. Right there I’m in love, how cute is that?!

Next up, their style. When I think of 1940s collegiate style this is EXACTLY what I think of. Saddle shoes (I love my saddle shoes), his collegiate sweater with the M, her wool skirt with cardigan which is just wonderful. Never mind the woman behind them with that great figure and dress. I also think they are too adorable for words. No words!

1940s guy and girl in college

Source: University of Miami Libraries Digital

Like sports? how about joining the golf club? hahaha “Golf Club”!!! Okay I’m done making silly jokes 🙂

For a fan of vintage clothing this picture has so many amazing things happening in it, I don’t even know where to start? The skirts, tops, shoes, HAIR! So stylish and fantastic to look at and what great form they all have.

1940s women golfers

Source: UWM Centennial

Transportation to school

If you did not live in a dorm, how were some of the ways you got to school? Well in this fantastic photo the pretty girl with the great car seems to have her way all set. I’m not sure if the guys are interested in her or the car though?

Can you spot the fun beanie hat and those great shoes on the guys?

1940s vintage car

Source: University of Miami Libraries Digital

Or maybe you had to take the bus like these students at Duke University.

1940s vintage school image

Source: Duke Yearlook

Doing your part for the war effort

During the early part of the 1940s a big part of school activities was helping with the war effort. These pretty ladies are collecting scrap at Duke University to “Help rub out the axis with scrap rubber

1940s college students doing their part for the war effort

Source: Duke Yearlook

Learning First Ad, very important as you never knew when you might need it. Future nurses?

1940s vintage image of women doing first ad

Source: Duke Yearlook

Letting off some steam

After a long day of school and studying (and helping with the war effort) it’s always fun to kick up your heels and listen to a good band, like at this welcome Party.

I love the beanies that the Freshman girls were probably expected to wear. I also see some great patterns on dresses.

1940s college life band playing

Source: UMW Centennial

How about a dance with your significant other on a Saturday night? These two couples look like they are having fun. I also adore the peplum dress that is longer in the front, I wonder what colour it was?

1940s school dance

Source: UMW Centennial

Maybe dancing was not your way of relaxing, so how about a swim with your college chums?

Students at the University of Miami in 1944 enjoying a day off from their studies.

1940s students swimming

Source: University of Miami Libraries Digital


And there you have it friends, a peak into 1940s collegiate life. I think they were wonderful photos, during a time that was not the easiest for many of these men and women. Don’t you agree?

Do you have good school memories? Or would you rather just forget they ever happened?

Liz 🙂

Everyone Loves a Scottie Dog, Especially the Vintage Community!

Every since I found my wedding shoes from Irregular Choice with a cute adorable Scottie Dog on them (see below), I have been obsessed with collecting vintage items with this dog on it. I also realize that I’m not the only one who loves the Scottie as many ladies (and gents) in the vintage community I know enjoy collecting them as well.

Irregular Choice shoes Scottie Dog

My shoes and Vintage Brooch Bouquet from my 2012 wedding

Also my Recent..just got in the mail Celluloid 1940s Scottie Dog pin. Love Love Love! Can’t wait to wear them.

1940's Celluloid Pin

Source: Etsy-Bits of Bakelite


Mini History Lesson of the Scottie Dog-1930s Popularity

During the 1930s it seemed like everyone from Movie Stars to Presidents wanted to own this dog and they did!

Owners included (but not limited to):

President Franklin Delanor Roosevelt was a famous Scottie enthusiast, and was known for taking his Scottie dog “Fala” with him almost everywhere he went.

Fala the famous FDR scottie Dog

Fala and FDR

Bettie Davis and her Scottie

Bettie Davis

Humphrey Bogart and his dog “Sluggy”

Humphrey Bogart and his scottie dog


Even the Famous “Memphis Belle” had a Scottie Dog as a Mascot-Stuka

Memphis Belle with Scottie Dog Mascot

Source: modernscottiedog.com

Having such an illustrious owners did much for the Scotties PR and the dog’s popularity was capitalised on by contemporary designers and advertisers of the period. Scottie dog brooches were produced in bakelite, marcasite, gold, enamel and metal (Source).

Wonderful Examples:

Bakelite Scottie Dog brooch from the 1930-40s in an Ice tea/Apple Juice color-Pretty!

1930s 1940s Scottie Dog Bakelite brooch

Source: For Sale on Etsy-Lucky Patina

Three Scotties carved out of dark red Bakelite-How cute are they?? THREE of them!

Scottie Dog Bakelite Brooch

Source: For Sale on Etsy-OldObscenities

Art deco era Scottie brooch of sterling and marcasite

Scottie Dog Brooch

Source: For sale Etsy-SararaVintage


After a slight dip in popularity, the late 1950s saw the Scottie Dog become in vogue again! and could be seen on many different items from jewelry to shot glasses.

Like this adorable Paper Towel from the 1950’s.

1950s Scottie dog towel

Source: For Sale Etsy-grandmothersattic

Need some vintage 1950s coasters for your bar? I kind of think I might need to buy this for my husband as he is Scottish and has been known to drink a scotch & soda a time or two.

1950s metal coasters with scottie dogs

Source: For sale Etsy-BogieBacallVintage

How about a lovely 1950s shot glass to go on those coasters?

1950s vintage shot glass with scottie dogs

Source: For Sale Etsy-My Retro Charm

Looking for a 1950s vintage planter for your home? This guy will do I think 🙂

1950s Scottie Dog vintage planter

Source: For sale Etsy-candyzown

If you are a knitter (not me..oh that is so not me) you can purchase this adorable 1950s sweater and cap pattern for a little boy or girl in your life. I want it for me!

Vintage Knitting Pattern 1950s Boys and Girls

Source: For Sale Etsy-Knittingknitch


Now on a last fun note..did you know that in the game of monopoly the Scottie Dog game piece (introduced in the 1950s) is the most popular piece of all time? See everyone loves a Scottie Dog!

Monoploy Scottie Dog figure


Do you collect these adorable dogs for your vintage collection? If so what do you own?

Liz 🙂

My Vintage Finds from “Jack Lux Vintage”-Toronto’s New Pop Up Vintage Store

Recently Toronto was blessed with a temporary new vintage store called “Jack Lux Vintage” a Toronto pop-up (536 Queen St. West) that is only here for a short 3 months or so (started July 23rd, 2014).

JackLux Vintage Clothing store Toronto


About the Store:

The store has one of the largest vintage collections in Canada much of which was acquired from Centre National du Costume (2005) which was a costuming trust established by the Quebec Government to curate and identify a wide-ranging (1920’s – 1990’s) and diverse vintage collection to be used by all the filmmakers and production houses that were shooting in the province of Quebec.  When the government’s changed — the organization was dismantled and JackLux was able to acquire the vast collection — which at last count included more than 200, 000 items of men, women and children’s apparel and accessories.

They have now brought those vintage pieces to Toronto and are selling them at low low prices of $20, $30, $40 and some a bit higher (with new pieces coming in all the time). Many of the vintage clothes need a bit of love to make them look new again and some just need to find the right buyer who is okay with some wear and tear that is unfix-able. But honestly who is going to complain with a $30, 1940s dress in their hands??? NOT ME!

Toronto Vintage Clothing Store

Inside the store

The store has gotten the vintage community here in Toronto very excited and I know many of my friends have already made several purchases since it first opened. I personally have already been to the store multiple times and have walked away with several wonderful 1940’s and 50’s dresses (which you will see below).  Also if you are not a fan of the 40s and 50s like me, there are plenty of clothes from the 1960’s up to the 1990’s to fit anyones vintage shopping needs. And Guys…they have a whole section for you of coats, suit jackets, shirts, pants and shoes so you too need to stop by too. Looking for a Halloween costume? How about some adorable vintage clothes for your little kids? Jack Lux has got you covered. The back room of the store has a section for kids and a section of costumes like a medieval dress..or 2. Oh! there is also plus sizes! I have found several dresses for the beautiful plus size figure.

Now without further adieu lets take a look at my recent visit to the store and the vintage dresses I have now added to my collection.

JackLux Vintage clothing store Toronto

Clothes all the way to ceiling!

JackLux Vintage Clothing Store Toronto

Tie’s and racks and racks of clothing

JackLux Vintage Clothing Store Toronto

JackLux Vintage Clothing Store Toronto

Pretty Skirts with pretty prices 🙂

JackLux Vintage Clothing Store Toronto

So many hats from the 40s all the way up to the 90s (large number are late 50’s and early 60s)

JackLux Vintage Clothing Store Toronto

I really like the yellow hat with the bow in the middle of these hats

JackLux Vintage Clothing Store Toronto

Lots of Men’s Jackets and even some dinner jackets

JackLux Vintage Clothing Store Toronto

Adorable Children’s Vintage Clothes

JackLux Vintage Clothing Store Toronto

JackLux Vintage Clothing Store Toronto

So many shoes and right into large sizes

JackLux Vintage Clothing Store Toronto

They also have Capes. Sherlock Holmes look anyone?

JackLux Vintage Clothing Store Toronto

1950s dresses with marvelous prints and buttons

JackLux Vintage Clothing Store Toronto

Beautiful 1940s dresses with amazing details

JackLux Vintage Clothing Store Toronto

Men’s shirts with totally cool patterns

Now what I have gotten at Jack Lux (I’m not a model so excuse the bad photos lol):

Dress from JackLux Vintage Clothing Store Toronto

My First Dress: Super pretty 1940s swing dress. Can’t WAIT to take this out onto the dance floor

1940s Vintage Dress from JackLux Vintage Toronto

1940s Dress-The Green is much more vivid in real life and there is a bit of fading but still beautiful

1940's Vintage Dress JackLux Vintage

Super Serious me IN My FAVORITE dress! 1940s dress with very little flaws (minor).

1950s Dress from JackLux Vintage Toronto

1950’s Vintage Shirt Waist Dress. Will be so great for Fall

And there is what I bought my friends.

REMINDER! Jack Lux is only here a short time and they are bringing in new pieces all the time so make sure you hit up the store as many times as you can to stock up your vintage collection because before you know it..it will be gone and so will those amazing prices!

Happy Shopping! If you have gone shopping there, would love to know what you bought. Let me know!

P.S. In around August 29th, the Vintage Inn will have 2 Mannequins on display in the front window with outfits I picked from the store, stop on by and check them out.

Liz 🙂

JackLux Vintage Clothing Store Toronto

My 1940’s/50s Vintage Style-Pinterest Posts of the Week

Pinterest. I know lots of bloggers do this kind of post but I will be honest it’s a favorite read of mine. I LOVE seeing what others are pinning on their boards and gathering ideas for my home, vintage style etc. So with that, I thought I would do a post this week of some of my favorite vintage clothing items found online that I have pinned on my Pinterest board “My Vintage Style“.


First up to start the vintage parade is this STUNNING 1940’s Vintage Silk-Rayon Couture Asymmetric Peplum-Wiggle Cocktail Dress.

This dress is so me, I cry a little bit knowing it could never be mine (price, size and now sold).

1940s cocktail dress

Source Etsy-No Longer Available

What drew my eye to this 1940’s Rayon Gown was the red & black bird sequin detail. Isn’t it just a wonderful conversation starter??

1940s Rayon Dress

For Sale on Etsy-dethrosevintage

Who does not love a little Carmen Miranda in their lives?? This dress would be so wonderful to wear on an island vacation or maybe even to your next Tiki Party?

1950s vintage dress with applique

Source Etsy-No Longer Available

I stumbled upon this dress on Etsy while looking for something to wear to my friend’s wedding in Spain and boy am I glad I did! Wow! A 1950’s Circle Skirt with 3D Spanish Dancer Appliques by “Juli Lynne Charlot of California“. Absolutely amazing!

P.S. Stay tuned for a blog post on this designer, who just happened to be the creator of the poodle skirt!

 1950's Circle Skirt with 3D Spanish Dancer Appliques by "Juli Lynne Charlot of California"

For Sale on Etsy- Wear It Again

I’m always on the hunt for the perfect 1940’s Tailored Suit and this beauty fits all my requirements (expect for the part where it should fit me). The somewhat random (but not so random) orange/red lines throughout the suit is what really caught my attention. Adds something very different to what would have been just a plain BUT beautifully tailored suit.

1940s Tailored womans Suit

Source Etsy-No Longer Available

I would wear this 1950s day dress to work, grocery store, to dinner and to bed because I would never want to take it off…ever. Love! My favorite part of this dress is the lovely navy and white gingham accents. I’m a sucker for a good gingham.

1950s vintage Day Dress

For Sale on Etsy-Fashion Back Vintage

I don’t know if I can pull off a yellow dress  but that does not stop me from wanting and adoring this cute 1940s vintage summer dress. The flower detail on the pockets are just delightful!

1940s summer vintage day dress

Source Ebay-No Longer Available

GREEN! I love GREEN! I love THIS GREEN! Oh my, I’m fanning myself over here on how outstanding this Vintage 1940s Wool Felt dress is. If someone who reads my blog knows who purchased this please find them and tell the them to send me pictures of them looking all stylish and fantastic. Because seriously how could you not in this number?


Vintage 1940s Dress Green Wool Felt

Source Etsy-No Longer Available

Vintage 1950s Renee Marcil Full Skirt Cotton Dress. YES this dress exists somewhere in this world and yes it’s one of the most beautiful dresses I have ever seen in my life. I thought the green dress above was going to do me in, but nope! This will do it, please have someone pick me off the floor.

According to “Couture Allure” Renee Marcil was a Miami based designer who was born in France. She had a wonderful sense of style and designed and wore what she liked, not what fashion dictated. Her pieces are exceedingly rare and highly collectible today.

Yes I can see what her pieces are highly collectible…wow!

1950s Renee Marcil cotton dress

No longer for sale but description of item can be found at “Couture Allure” (click image)

That my friends is the Pinterest Fashion Parade for this week. If you enjoyed the images I posted and curious on what I post next, then follow my board seen below.

So what was your favorite piece from this post?

Liz 🙂