My Recent 1940s and 50s Vintage Finds

This past weekend I attended a new event in Toronto called “The Toronto Antique & Vintage Market” at the CNE grounds. I was attending on behalf of the Toronto Vintage Society and also for my own pleasure..hello Vintage Shopping! The event was a pretty good size with booths selling everything from vintage clothing to vintage postcards and antique furniture.

I had a very limited budget so I knew that I was not going to go all hog-wild on buying things, plus my closet is getting so jammed I really have no space to store any new clothing items until I do a purge (which is going to be almost impossible). So my plan..keep it small and easy to store. Well the show had lots of that so I scored a few awesome finds, and here is what I found….


One of my favorite finds from the show-a 1940-41 Fall & Winter Eaton’s Catalogue (stay tuned for a post on all the goodies inside!).

Eaton’s was once Canada’s largest department store retailer. It was founded in 1869 in Toronto by Timothy Eaton, and it grew to become a retail and social institution in Canada. With stores across the country, buying offices around the globe, and a catalogue that was found in the homes of most Canadians (we always had one in my home). Sadly in 1999 the company went bankrupt, so now finding pieces of history like this is means just a little bit more for vintage history lovers like me (Source).

1940s Eatons Catalogue

The jacket is absolutely DIVINE!

Find # 2: 1950’s Rosanna Knit Sportswear Bolero

This sweater has the most wonderful details as you can see below and is in MINT condition. I got it for a steal AND it’s small so it will fit in whatever remaining space is left in my closet.

1950s Sweater

Next Purchase a Vintage Brooch-It needs a bit of TLC but I actually don’t mind the fact that there is only a bit of green left on the palm trees. Adds Character 🙂

vintage brooch

Now my small but mighty finds-Several Vintage Photos from the 1940s and 1950s:

The below image has a story to tell and I love it! I believe that the couple is going on their honeymoon or something very important because air travel in the 1940s was not something you just up and did like we do today. Plus they look really really nice, which is nothing out of the norm for air travel in the early days but they just look like it’s a special occasion.

I think it is also great that the plane in the background is actually a Canadian airline (no longer around) called “Canadian Pacific Air Lines“. I love finding images like that this have a bit of Canadian history tied to them.

Lastly, lets talk about her outfit. Her hat is just amazing and so very different from what I normally see. She also has great peep toe shoes purse and her classic suit goes a long long way in the “simple but stylish” department.

1940s Vintage image of couple in front of Canadian Pacific airplane

1940s couple in front of Canadian Pacific Airplane

Next up we have this 1940s cutie in a double-breasted winter jacket, that just looks soooo warm! Hopefully warm enough to keep her exposed head and toes warm too. Aren’t her shoes great?!

I was drawn to this picture for the simple beauty coming off the paper. She looks very happy smiling for the camera, and I wonder what her story is? Maybe off to see a loved one return from war?

1940s women in a coat image

1940s Beauty

When I saw this picture my girlfriend and I tossed back and forth whether she was wearing a playsuit or not and finally after both agreeing that is was VERY clear that she was,  I had to buy it!

Her playsuit is just great and looks totally comfortable. I love how she paired the simplicity of the outfit with nice big flowing 40s hair, some sort of brooch and big bow peep toe heels.  Future Pinup Model? I think so 🙂

I am curious on where she is though? Those heels don’t look to easy to walk in for a stroll in the woods.

1940s woman in a playsuit

1940’s Playsuit for the Win!

Next up is a early 1940s (maybe late 1930s) beach photo from my hometown of Sarnia, Ontario. The beach was at Canatara Park a frequent hangout for those who wanted to catch some rays and go swimming in Lake Huron. I was super excited to find this picture because I have never really seen any cool “life images” from my hometown. So to stumble upon a postcard with this image was a wonderful surprise for me.

I’m totally digging the swimsuits and hair in this photo.

1930's swimmers on the beach

Next up we have the most stylish 1950s Housewife on the block. Lets call her Marge 🙂 Isn’t she just lovely?

What colour do you think her dress is? I can’t seem to decide personally.

1950s Housewife Image

1950s Housewife

I also found this super funny postcard that from what I can see was mailed in the 1950s (according to the back) from one woman friend to another. Isn’t it hilarious??!!

1950s funny postcard

Lastly I did NOT buy this at the show but I had to share it. I stumbled upon a 1930s Hair Perming Machine and had to take a picture of it. It was crazy cool and crazy scary at the same time! Can you imagine sticking your head under this thing?

1930s vintage hair perming machine

1930s Perming Machine-Made in Hamilton

And that was my finds friends! Did you do any recent shopping this weekend or week? If so what was your favorite find?

Liz 🙂





Happy Mothers Day-The Vintage Inn Edition

First up…it should be noted that this is officially my 100th post! WOW I’m impressed with myself that I have managed to find 100 things to write-up in my short time in the blogging world lol! High five to me AND Most importantly High Five to all you fabulous readers! Thank you Thank you Thank you for sticking around and making this not a chore but totally fun to write for.

Now without further adieu, here is my 100th post!

Happy Mother’s day to every mother far and wide AND to my amazing and outstanding mother-Sue.

Now here are some images of mothers from the 1940/50s for your viewing pleasure on this gorgeous day.

1940s mothers

I just love the two ladies here. They look adorable on the lawn with their wee little ones.


1950s mother

I love the style this mother has. Look at those shoes!


1950s mother

I adore the cute summer top/swim top this mother is wearing.


1950s mother

Check out those Sunglasses! LOVE!


1940s vintage ladies

This is an image I found on Flickr of a family. Love the style these women have. I want every piece show here. From left: owner of pictures mother, her cousins Muriel and Audrey, her aunt Dora, picture owners grandmother and aunt Chickie, circa early 1940s


1950s mother

Her skirt is beautiful!


1940s mothers

Beautiful generation of ladies from 1940s. The youngest mother has the best playsuit. It just looks wonderful on her.



Happy Mothers day, mothers everywhere!

Liz 🙂

Love Is In The Air-1940s and 50s Real Life Couples

Whether you hate Valentines day or just love the day I think we can all agree that looking at pictures of vintage couples in love is a fun way to pass the time (or maybe we can’t agree but for the sake of this post lets run with my thought lol).

Valentines day aside I really adore just looking at the beautiful fashion, hairstyles, locations of the pictures etc. so that is why I like to share these images with you. So with that thought lets check out love 1940’s and 1950s style.

First up a cute photo to get us into Feb 14th mode (not a couple photo I know) with the actress Lynn Merrick

1940s Valentines Day Pinup


The Couples

A newly married couple in front of their very own “Garden of Love”, in 1952

1940s couple


The below picture of 2 couples from the 1940s is really great. I love how wholesome the ladies look and how the men are giving the camera a “I’m a bit of a bad boy” stare. The bathing suit on the woman on the right is also really beautiful.

1940's couples


While looking thru all the pictures on Flickr I started to see a trend of pictures being taken on the beach. Lots and lots of couples on beaches, I guess because it is a romantic place to be 🙂

So here is another one! Aren’t they just adorable! Another cute bathing suit as well. Look at the cutout on the bottoms…fantastic!

1940s couple


Such a distinguished and nicely dressed couple, his socks are amazing! I just love how they clearly seem to be enjoying their conversation together.

1940s couple


You cannot have a group of couples without posting an image of teenagers in love. I love how he is totally focused on her and she is focused on the camera 🙂

vintage photo of a couple


I was drawn to this picture because I love how they don’t care there is a camera and just continue to look at each other. Ahhh…

1940s couple


Another young couple in love. They remind me of a Gap or J.Crew ad here.

1950s couple


Now to end this mini series of couples, I’m sharing this awesome beach picture. The couple looks like they are having so much but the ladies in the background of the picture just made me giggle so much. Love it!

1950s couple



For my valentine’s day my husband and I were hoping to get away for a long weekend away to somewhere warm (still really cold in Toronto) but instead we are going to do what we love to do together…. Beer and wings at a great BBQ joint. Talk about romance 😉

Whether you celebrate the day or don’t celebrate the day I want to wish everyone a Happy February 14th!